€ 15,-/person/day, orders always 1 day in advance

Drinks can be purchased at the reception at any time.

All rooms are equipped with a coffee machine. Tabs can be purchased at the reception: 5 tabs € 4, 10 tabs € 7,-.


Per wash € 10,- incl. drying

€ 42,- for up to 4 people for pickup from the airport to us and ride to the airport from us, order at the reception


Smoking is only allowed outdoors or in the guest garden, smoking in the rooms, or in the hotel is strictly prohibited and we charge € 100,- penalty payment for violation.


Our reception is not constantly occupied, you can always reach us at the phone number: +43 1 3305059.

In case of late arrival, or the reception is not staffed, no problem, we can put the room keys in our safe boxes and we will tell you the code to open them.

Very simple, we have a key box across from the entrance where you just drop in the key.